under the poetry moon

Hey peeps!

On June 9th I had the opportunity to be the featured poet at Busboys and Poets Nine on the Ninth Poetry Series in Washington, DC. This was a great honor. I performed various selections from my manuscript, Waking Up Woman, and was also interviewed by the talented Poet-In-Residence Derrick Weston Brown. It was truly a memorable, frightening, exciting, and cathartic experience.

Below you will find videos of me performing some of my poems, as well as excerpts from my interview. Anthony Harper, filmmaker and Howard University MFA student did the camera work.

**Please note:  the ambient noise in the videos is coming largely from the restaurant that is located just outside of the performance area, and was not that loud at the event. The camera microphone amplified it. No one in the Langston Room was talking while I was reciting.**