Prince of Persia??

Jake Gylenhaal as the Prince of Persia. Really?? You mean to tell me that there were no talented Persian/Iranian actors to play this role? Hollywood Hmmm….

So Sandra Bullock has decided to reprise her role in The Blind Side, in real life. But this time she’s adopted a black baby from New Orleans who’s naked and adorned with “ethnic” beads in this image. WTF? This has got to be one of the most disturbing magazine covers I’ve ever seen. And to top it off, her ex-husband with whom she adopted this black child with, is said to hold white supremacist views. It’s time celebrities started to look at adopted children of color as people whose lives will be greatly impacted by the their decisions. They aren’t some People Magazine Hollywood trend.

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of seeing/hearing Jessica Simpson? This particular advertisement, (and this show’s premise) bothers me for several reasons. One being the placement of Jessica Simpson in the image. While the other women diminish in size and importance in the photo, she is dominant in the frame. Her presence reminds us not only that this is her show, but also that there is a prevailing Eurocentric scope through which to view these other women. And the show, while aiming to expose the “price of beauty” in different cultures fails to realize the imposed Eurocentric beauty standards at play in their framing of them.

Arizona Immigration Law

A contemporary, remixed Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 if you ask me, only this time it’s targeting another group of people who helped build this land and country. Hmmm.

Skip Gates blaming Africans for their role in the slave trade

And what does that really solve? Nothing. The fact remains that millions of Africans were displaced during the middle passage and forcibly transported into slavery. These United States profited largely from the free labor of black men, women, and children. Many of today’s largest corporations rest on a legacy of slave labor and capital. Attempting to assuage white guilt and promote ulterior corporate motives is not going to do away with the atrocities that happened here on America’s soil, at the hands of so-called Americans.

good night folks. see you next time.