/no one can hurt you, no one kill you
like your own people. -suji kwock kim


I am scared to go back out

among them

on their streets


I was always glad

a layer of glass existed

between us


that I could press on the gas

when they screamed my way

that I could run them over

if need be


now I lost the barrier   the car

and I’m back on their streets

where terrain once tore my skin


and I feel foolish

for worrying that I might be unwelcome

again that my purse might get ripped


because I’m a black woman

walking and I happen to have no dog

and no status that would make me untouchable


just had a car that let me ride

past the other women getting howled at

and pulled on


now I’m back on the streets

the car broke down

back to worries bout my brown body


there’s no place like home