This is the first short film I shot, wrote, directed, and edited in Howard’s MFA Film Program. Also the first project I shot on 16mm film. I finally got it uploaded to my computer after losing all the Final Cut files for it.. It’s always good to revisit past work for insight and progress. The synopsis/summary is below. Share thoughts.

***The awesome music is by none other than Steve Sampling

*** Shout out to Monique: the best AD ever, Anthony: the best Set designer ever, and Vincent: the “lifesaver”



LYE intertwines beauty and delusion, glossy images in magazines with one girl’s imagination, forcing us to consider the appeal and fixation with straight manes.
This is a story about a highly imaginative black girl who is obsessed with images of Black Women with straight hair that she sees in magazines, and especially that of the “Pretty -n-Silky” relaxer advertisement. She undergoes her first perm, which is traumatic, and realizes that the experience, and the road to becoming “Pretty-n-Silky” wasn’t what she envisioned.